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That year, Fang Yang in the exam when volunteers reported some problem, he was going to let high school students fooled for a long time, at the Normal, Normal received notice of acceptance, he did not go, but then the policy file can no longer go to school, so he had to choose to repeat a year.[Santa Clarita]

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Goldwind thought: Now who do not follow the routine the cards, it is also kind to what? I arrived Social Affairs requires both performance, but also need "strength." Do it! I personally.[Richmond]


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August 2006 Provincial Party Secretary Li Donghua group was officially appointed as party secretary Whitewater, Whitewater municipal work temporarily presided over the county party secretary Wu Hongfei Yin was appointed Acting Mayor Whitewater. [Lubbock]

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In the face of evidence, Li Hongyun finally confessed everything.[Jersey City]


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Whitewater City Style Secretary Tian windy in the city sports center renovation and expansion project in bribes, leading to project quality with a huge problem, a sports center on the use of the main building just throw it collapsed, in which the fitness of the people to create ten dead twenty injured major casualties. Disturb the country, Tian, ??deputy director of the wind and several were detained for interrogation, the contractors were under criminal detention. Now many are Woan's case, which is power then a big lead, but also not a person out of hand, he must also give certain benefits under, or with subordinates work together, in order to make money Ann eyedropper. Such as Hubei Xuan'en a little WCB three years, the deputy directors embezzled national water special funds, amounting to three hundred and fifty million, after the Central Discipline Inspection Commission supervision before putting it to a group of assholes to justice.[Saint Paul]

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